Vehicle registration


All vehicles in Czech Republic must be registered at any municipal authority of the municipality with extended powers – Vehicle register (Úřad obce s rozšířenou působností – Registr vozidel).


You will be asked to submit the following documents:

  • A large technical license (Velký technický průkaz)
  • Vehicle registration certificate (Malý technický průkaz)
  • Vehicle registration check protocol not older than 30 days
  • Valid green card as proof of insurance for the vehicle (Zelená karta)
  • Personal identification document and a valid driving licence
  • Contract of sales with your name on it
  • Constent of the owner of the vehicle, officially certified if is different from operator of the vehicle (power of attorney)

The registration of the vehicle costs 800 CZK.


After purchasing a car and after the registration expires.

Good to know

Information Publication for Foreigners Czech Republic (in English, Ukrainian, Russian, Vietnamese and Mongolian):

Vehicle operation and registration is regulated by Civil Code, Act No. 56/2001:  (in Czech, see §6 for list of documents necessary for registration)

You can use services of private companies specializing on registering imported vehicles.


At any municipal authority of a municipality with extended powers. List of municipalities with extended powers (in Czech):

Praha 7, Czech Republic

Ministerstvo vnitra (Ministry of Interior)

Nad Štolou 3

170 34 Praha 7
T +420 224 181 111