Public holidays


  • 1st January: Restoration Day of the Independent Czech State.
  • Easter holidays: different each year according to lunar calendar, Good Friday (Velký pátek) (Commemoration of Jesus Christ crucifixion, part of the Easter holiday). Easter have no fixed date. It falls on the first Sunday after first spring astronomical full moon (between 22 March and 25 April) and Easter Monday (Velikonoční pondělí) (Commemoration of Jesus Christ resurrection, part of the Easter holiday). Same calendar rules apply as for Good Friday.
  • 1st May: National holiday, Labour Day, Rallies of political (especially left-wing) parties, Burning witches tradition held on the Eve of previous day (especially in the countryside)
  • 8th May: Liberation Day (The end of World War II in Europe), Commemoration of liberation by Soviet and U.S. army across the country, military engagement reconstruction with historical equipment (for show) take place at some places
  • 5th July: St Cyril and Methodius Day (Slavic missionaries Cyril (Constantine) and Metod (Methodius) came to Great Moravia), Commemoration of beginning of Christianization of the Bohemian-Moravian territory, Church Masses across the country, Pilgrimage at Velehrad, Moravia
  • 6th July: Jan Hus Day (The anniversary of the martyrdom of Jan Hus – reformer of the Church), Commemoration of the life and martyrdom of the main Czech church reformer
  • 28th September: St Wenceslaus Day (The anniversary of the martyrdom of St Wenceslaus – Czech Patron), Day of the Czech statehood
  • 28th October: Foundation of the independent Czechoslovak State, Official state celebrations (e.g. Ceremonial at the Prague Castle – Presidential seat)
  • 17th November: Struggle of students for Freedom and Democracy (Commemorating demonstrations in 1939 and 1989), Sometimes student and other demonstrations take place
  • 24th December: Christmas Eve, Christmas presents are opened in the evening on Christmas Eve, Church masses commemorating birth of Jesus Christ take place in the evening (the most traditional is „midnight service “)
  • 25th December Christmas, Church masses take place, general public uses Christmas holydays to have a rest in family circle
  • 26th December: Saint Stephan, Church masses take place, general public uses Christmas holydays to have a rest in family circle

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